Staff Application

The City is the student ministry of The Worship Center in Berlin, Maryland. To find out more about us, feel free to check out our website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Mike Yaconelli once said, “Youth ministry is about bringing teens into the presence of God. Youth workers are NOT social workers. We are NOT counselors. We are NOT family fixer-uppers. We are NOT performers. We are NOT programmers. we ARE just people who love teens, love Jesus, and want teens to love Jesus!”

In order to be considered for a staff role at The City, you must first fill out the following form. Next, you will be interviewed. After that, you will be asked to form a ministry promise form. This form exists so that you know exactly what is expected of you at all times when serving on staff at The City.

I hope you prayerfully consider joining our excellent team of adult youth workers. We are just normal people who have decided to use the gifts and talents God has given us to help teens love Jesus. Our teenagers deserve the very best. Could that be you?